About the NBIPA


The Namibian Beauty Industry Professionals Association , or NBIPA, is a non-profit organisation and the professional body in Namibia serving:

  • its members who provide professional beauty services
  • consumers who make use of members’ services

Because the use of professional beauty and personal service establishments has increased in popularity and diversity requiring safety guidelines, our scope of work extends to any establishment or individual that provides a personal service of a cosmetic nature to or on the body of another person in exchange for compensation.

The NBIPA will develop, award, monitor and revoke professional designations and regulate continual professional development (CPD).


To advance cooperation of all participants practicing in the professional beauty/ personal services industries ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards of ethical conduct.


To improve the standards and regulations of beauty industry practitioners in Namibia by implementing minimum standards, encouraging compliance, and educating both consumers and salon professionals alike.


To be the legally constituted organisation that strives to protect its members and the public interest in relation to the services provided.

Establishments include, but are not limited to businesses and individuals who offer services in the following capacities:

  • Hair salons
  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Nail technicians and manicurists
  • Make-up artists
  • Tattoo artists and piercing
  • Establishments offering non-medical cosmetic services requiring specialised equipment for use by trained professionals such as laser hair removal, tanning services, micro-dermabrasion, permanent make-up and the like
  • Providers of specialised training & and professional products used in the professional beauty/personal services industries


  • Maintain a dynamic organisation that aims to foster professionalism and unity in the industry
  • Enhance educational and practicing standards at all levels in the industry in accordance with national and international benchmarks, needs and developments
  • To cooperate and liaise with all participants in the personal services industries, ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Formulate scopes of practice at all levels and lobby to protect the future growth and sustainability of the personal services industries in Namibia
  • Develop the appropriate structures or committees to fulfill the role of the professional body