Become a Member

Becoming a Member of the NBIPA will help us develop and implement a system of regulation that aims to advance the professional beauty industry in Namibia by ensuring that salon professionals meet and align with internationally accepted standards of education, service delivery and general best practices within the professional beauty trades and their associated industry participants.

The NBIPA acts as in the capacity of a regulatory body,  without which it is not possible to control and ensure that ethical practices and standards are met and followed to safeguard the interests of both the the public and the beauty industry itself in terms of:

  • persons who deliver education and training services;
  • products & equipment supply to industry professionals; or
  • services offered to the general public by practitioners operating as salon professionals.

All NBIPA members are listed on the NBIPA Directory . The directory is a valuable resource for consumers  and beauty industry professionals alike as it serves to promote and create awareness about qualified and reputable practitioners in Namibia.

If you would like to become a member of the NBIPA, please click here and complete the form.