Become an NBIPA Registered Salon Professional

Becoming an NBIPA Registered Salon Professional is a show of your commitment to raising and maintaining the professional standards of the salon industry.

As a registered NBIPA salon professional, you are responsible for ensuring that consumers receive the best quality beauty services that are on par with international standards. You are also responsible for ensuring that your clients receive safe services that are suited to their needs and requirements.

The NBIPA believes that if we, as an industry hope to achieve the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of the NBIPA, it is important that the professionals who work within the trades have extensive skills and knowledge within their fields of expertise.

If salon professionals lack the relevant skills , expertise or experience, it is very unlikely that they will be good ambassadors for their trades, and they are less likely to succeed in this line of work.

Proposed Mandatory Membership requirements:

The NBIPA aims to ensure that all salon professionals in Namibia be required to meet the following standard NBIPA membership criteria:


  • Must be employed in a salon OR studying in any of the general fields of the beauty / cosmetology industry.
  • Must hold a formal beauty industry qualification obtained through an accredited institution and / or an internationally accepted beauty industry awarding body.
  • Do not provide training or distribution services to the salon industry, nor provide employment to other salon professionals.
  • Students must be enrolled in a training programme with an accredited institution as described above to be eligible for Student Membership.
  • Certificates awarded for attendance of branded product education seminars or workshops are not accepted as formal qualifications, but, upon assessment, may be considered for eligibility based on other factors as decided upon by the NBIPA Committee.
  • Applicants must currently work in Namibia as Beauty Industry Professionals (part- or full-time).
  • Must make monthly membership contributions which go towards funding the NBIPA’s activities, campaigns and administrative costs.
  • Will be required to participate in NBIPA activities as called upon from time to time to provide input and feedback in / with:
    • polls, surveys & memoranda relevant to legislative decision making affecting our industry;
    • attendance of industry events;
    • NBIPA promotions;
    • annual general meetings

Salon Owners & Employers

In addition to the above, Member Salon Owners & Employers, Distributors and Education providers are required to operate formally registered business entities that comply with our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

How to Apply:

  • Click the relevant button to the application form below
  • E-mail the required supporting documentation to us separately after completing the form.
  • We will review your application at the next NBIPA Committee Meeting scheduled to take place following receipt of your application.
  • You will be notified by e-mail of the approval or rejection of your application.
  • All successful applicants are subject to a mandatory inspection of premises and facilities by an NBIPA appointed inspector.