COVID-19 Impact Assessment

This is Important! Please read carefully & participate!


Deadline extended to 13:00 on Friday 17 April 2020!

In order to assist the Government of Namibia assess the impact that the Covid-19 Lockdown will have on Namibian small businesses, the NBIPA is tasked with gathering information about the Namibian Beauty Industry.

The available statistics show that the Namibian Beauty Industry is far smaller, and makes far less money than what the reality is.

This IS a problem for YOU!

Click the button to complete the NBIPA survey – this will help us collect extremely important information we need, so that we can liaise with the government on your behalf. The information provided will help authorities & lenders assess:

  • What the average income for a beauty industry professional is,
  • How many beauty industry professionals belong to the employed, self-employed and small business owner category
  • What the beauty industry in Namibia is worth in economic terms

The government, economists and banking institutions do not have accurate information about our industry. That is why we NEED your information to see how badly the beauty industry is going to be affected by Covid-19, and help us come up with solutions to limit the effects on you.

We need to provide the aforementioned parties with realistic statistics about the industry. As such, no individual’s personal information will be shared – the data provided in the forms will be consolidated to draft a report, giving the” powers that be” a picture of the Beauty Industry as a whole.

Since all of us have to stop taking appointments, we ALL have NO INCOME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Are you OK with this? Can you afford to go 1, 2 or even 3 months without income?

Help us make sure you’re counted in! We will provide the overall statistics from the information you give us to the relevant authorities on behalf of everyone in the beauty biz.

This will help the decision makers & financial institutions see that our industry is worthy of saving.

… So… If you don’t submit your information, chances are that when it comes time for the government & banks to offer financial aid or relief to small and medium sized businesses after this lockdown is over, you might not be able to get the financial assistance you need access to.

Are you prepared to take that risk?

If not, click the button below that describes you. Next, fill out the form; and when you’re done, hit Submit. It takes less than 2 minutes (and yes, we know you have time on your hands right now…)