The NBIPA strives to improve the access to and quality of education provided to salon professionals in Namibia.

Through our network of Registered Schools and Educators, Salon Distributors and the Formal Qualifications we recognise, it is the hope of the NBIPA to ensure that quality education for beauty industry professionals is available to them at every stage of their careers.

The growing demand for training in the beauty industry has unfortunately led to a high number of practitioners offering training that is not aligned with international standards; resulting in the over-saturation of our market with poorly educated beauty service providers who believe that they have received legitimate training.

Not only is the practice of posing as an educator unethical, it also lowers the standards of service delivery available and reduces the earning potential of legitimate practitioners who have the best interest of the consumer at heart.

The importance of receiving quality training is paramount to ensuring that beauty industry professionals are fully empowered to build successful and sustainable careers.

If you need quality beauty industry education in Namibia, please make sure you train with one of our Registered Schools and Educators and make sure you only purchase products from authorised professional Distributors.