Join our Cause

It’s important for every beauty professional to understand the issues affecting our industry. Joining our cause is a great way to be more connected and help keep our industry professional! Find out more on the different ways you can get involved below.

Help us help YOU by:

Educating Yourself

A lot of misinformation, and a lack of understanding about what we do affects how beauty enthusiasts, self-taught salon owners & service providers, consumers and lawmakers see the beauty industry.

Learn why regulation is needed in our industry, and take action to improve your own skills and knowledge. When you know better, you do better, and change can only start with you!

Creating Awareness

Talk about the issues affecting our industry! TELL people – your employees, your colleagues, your clients, your friends, your family – anyone who will listen! This website is chock full of resources for you to share – please feel free to use them 😉

If we don’t speak out, people won’t know how to make better choices that will help us make the changes in our industry that we all want to see.

Becoming an NBIPA Member

NBIPA Members enjoy access to several benefits that help them save money, grow their businesses, continue their education and more. By becoming a member, you are directly helping us fund the initiatives and projects that the entire industry and the people it serves can benefit from.

Take action by becoming an NBIPA Member – merely complaining and expecting “them” (who, exactly?) to “do something” (whatever it is) will not solve anything.

Becoming an NBIPA Advocate

Your voice matters! Take action and get involved in the legislative process and protect our industry. There is currently very little, most of which is outdated, legislation for regulating the beauty industry in Namibia. We need existing laws to be amended, and more laws to be passed.

This not only protects the livelihoods of salon professionals who have legitimate qualifications to work in the industry, but also everyone who uses salon services. Many self taught & untrained people currently operate in the industry, which has resulted in a devaluing of what we do, and also puts consumers at serious risk of injury, disfigurement and disease.

We know this, but consumers don’t! Save your career and stand with us!

Help us write and get legislation passed in Namibia at your regional, and at the national level!

Supporting legislation that improves the industry affects and protects YOUR livelihood – WE can only make a difference and be influential when we assemble!