Membership Categories

The Beauty Industry in Namibia includes a wide range of professions in which tradespeople provide cosmetic services to clients. There are three general sectors, namely Beauty, Hair and Nails. Each sector includes several professions and specialties, examples are listed below to give you an idea of which sector you belong to. Not all fields are listed, but as a pro, you should know where you fit in.


Beauty & Massage Therapists; Make Up Artists; Somatologists; Aestheticians; etc.


Caucasian Hairdressing; Afro / Ethnic Hairdressing; Trichologists


Nail Technicians; Manicurists; Pedicurists; Medical Nail Technicians

Each sector is also divided into separate subcategories:

  • salon professionals & owners
  • distributors
  • training providers

It is possible for one individual to fall under more than one main or subcategory.

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