Becoming a Member of the NBIPA will help us develop and implement a system of regulation that aims to advance the professional beauty industry in Namibia by ensuring that salon professionals meet and align with internationally accepted standards of education, service delivery and general best practices within the professional beauty trades and their associated industry participants.

The NBIPA acts as in the capacity of a regulatory body,  without which it is not possible to control and ensure that ethical practices and standards are met and followed to safeguard the interests of both the the public and the beauty industry itself in terms of:

  • persons who deliver education and training services;
  • products & equipment supply to industry professionals; or
  • services offered to the general public by practitioners operating as salon professionals.

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All NBIPA members are listed on the NBIPA Directory . The directory is a valuable resource for consumers  and beauty industry professionals alike as it serves to promote and create awareness about qualified and reputable practitioners in Namibia.

Who can become a member?

Membership to the NBIPA is open to all qualified and interested parties with professional or other interests in the Professional Beauty Trades. These include both individuals and businesses who offer:

  • professional salon services to consumers
  • training for  salon professionals
  • supply of professional products and equipment for sale to salon professionals

A salon professional is someone who has studied at and obtained a valid formal qualification from a reputable provider of training services to perform cosmetic treatments. Specific training is required for each type of cosmetic service within the separate branches specialising in Hair care, Health & Skincare and Nail care.

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Why become a member?

Becoming a Member of the NBIPA will help us build a network of reputable practitioners and provide a database for consumers to ensure that the services provided and salons providing them meet the NBIPA’s membership criteria.  Our Standards describe the skills of good practice, knowledge and competencies required and are based on those adopted internationally.

All NBIPA members are listed on the NBIPA Directory for individuals and businesses operating in the Namibian beauty industry. The directory is a resource for both consumers and professionals that showcases the establishments and service providers who are committed to upholding the exceptional standards of conduct, quality and service levels within the Namibian salon industry.

Would you like to be listed on the NBIPA Directory? Please click here.

All NBIPA members:

  • Meet the agreed NBIPA Standards, which describe the knowledge, competence and skills of good practice
  • Hold recognised and approved qualification(s)
  • Are recognised as industry professionals
  • Are committed to ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Adhere to a code Code of Ethical Conduct

What does NBIPA membership cost?

NBIPA membership fees vary according to the type of membership you wish to join for. Fees are as follows:

  • Student members – N$ 250.00 per year (for the duration of their studies; once qualified, Individual membership must be applied for)
  • Individual members – N$ 100.00 per month OR N$ 1,080.00 per year paid in advance
    • Salon Employees
  • Business members N$ 250.00 per entity per month OR N$ 2,700.00 per entity per year paid in advance
    • Salon Owners (employers & self-employed)
    • Educators & Schools
    • Distributors

Membership fees are payable in advance on a monthly or annual basis. Annual upfront payment for all membership types qualifies for 10% discount.

Business memberships include Individual membership for one person, and also qualify for discounts on additional individual memberships if applying on behalf of their employees and students. Discounts are calculated on a sliding scale depending on the number of members being registered on one application. Employers may deduct membership fees from their employees’ salaries and pay them over to the NBIPA on behalf of employees.

What do we use your membership fees for?

  • Legal consultations – development of programmes; liaison with government & local authorities; remedial actions as needed.
  • General  expenses associated with the administration of the association’s operations
  • Creation and implementation of sector and consumer education and awareness campaigns
  • Drafting and submission of Annual auditing fees as required and prescribed by Namibian law for non-profit organisations